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Aaryn Tonita, B.Sc.

Department of physics and Astronomy

6224 Agricultural Rd.

Vancouver BC

V6T 1Z1



Office phone: 1-604-822-2095


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This is a collection of links to my research related activities. At the moment, it is quite empty. It should be updated on a nearly weekly basis starting February, 2007.


My Current Project

  1. Given a planar curve which begins and ends on an axis (in this case the z axis)
  2. numerically generate the initial data for a non-rotating vacuum spacetime which has as a marginally trapped surface, the surface of revolution of the above planar curve.

Some comments

  1. The spacetime generated by the evolution of the initial data contains an apparent horizon, which is not necessarily the specified marginally trapped surface. Because it contains an apparent horizon, it will automatically contain an event horizon.
  2. The ultimate code will be generic enough to produce most apparent horizons, excluding ones made from closed planar curves. Those would be an obvious and simple enough extension.
My work is funded by NSERC/CRSNG.