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Important: The information contained below is subject to change without warning. Please e-mail Matthew Choptuik immediately if you encounter problems using the cluster. Before using the cluster, read ALL information on this page, as well as the three pages linked to in the System Use section below. Finally, please check here FREQUENTLY while using the system.


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Status & News [News Archive]

System Overview


NOTE: Eligible applicants requesting an account on this cluster will also automatically be given an account on our old PIII cluster. Users are encouraged to use the old cluster for development purposes, particularly for parallel applications.

System Access

The cluster is currently configured so that only the head node (aka the front end node) is connected to an external network; all other nodes (including the head node, which has multiple network interfaces) are on a private internal network.

Within the private network, the head node is known as head, to the external world it is, and access to and from it is limited to ssh and scp. Thus, e.g, from your local workstation, connect via

workstation% ssh
replacing user with your own account name. Once you have successfully logged into vnfe4, you will note that, as mentioned above, within the internal network, the head's hostname is head, not vnfe4.

System Use (Note item 3 in particular)

  1. Submitting (Parallel) Batch Jobs on the Myrinet nodes Using PBS
  2. Running Interactive Jobs on the Gigabit Nodes

  4. OTHER EXAMPLES (Including F77/C mixed mode examples)


Send mail to Matthew Choptuik, if there is software you wish to have installed. Please include a description of the software, and, if possible, a distribution site from which it can be downloaded.

Unless indicated otherwise, all software described below is available on all nodes; however, development work (including compilation) should generally be restricted to the head node.

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