Adaptive Mesh Refinement using Fully Threaded Trees

Fully threaded trees are introduced as data structures suited for adaptive mesh refinement. They are described, implemented, and tested by Khokhlov in his paper "Fully Threaded Tree Algorithms for Adaptive Refinement Fluid Dynamics Simulations", J. Comput. Phys 143, 519-543 (1998). I present an implementation of the fully threaded tree, and a driver interface similar to Frans Pretorius's AMRD. Please report comments or errors to Roland Stevenson.

AMR in the Advection Equation

Two Dimensional Advection

Here is a two dimensional advection equation, with three levels of refinement. Courant Factor is 0.25, base grid is [-1,1] in all directions. Initial condition is a Gaussian with width 0.2, centered at (0,0). Preliminary results show the smooth-flow refinement indicator tracking the feature: Centered Gaussian Levels [7,8] (12.0 MB).