Physics 410: Computational Physics: Course Topics

Unix: 5 lectures

  • Unix fundamentals
  • Basic shell programming

Maple: 3 lectures

  • Use of a modern "symbolic manipulation" language for routine computations
  • Basic Maple programming
  • Maple as a powerful environment for exploratory scientific programming

Scientific Programming With Fortran: 6 lectures

  • Fortran 77 programming of simple scientific applications
  • Numerical computation concerns: error analysis and bug-proofing strategies
  • Integration and interaction of Fortran programs with other tools ("make", graphing programs, maple, etc.)
  • Porting code to different architectures, portability

Solution of Linear Systems: 3 lectures

  • The LU decomposition algorithm
  • Using "canned" software for solving linear systems
  • Solution of tridiagonal and banded-systems

Solution of ODEs: 4 lectures

  • Review of ODE theory
  • Canonicalizing systems of ODEs
  • Using "canned" software to solve systems of ODEs
  • Applications

Non-linear Equations (Root Finding): 3 lectures

  • Bisection (binary search)
  • Newton's method
  • Newton's method for systems of non-linear equations

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