Compiling and executing simple MPI demo Fortran 77 program, fpi, using the Intel compilers

  1. Fortran 77 source code: fpi.f
  2. Makefile

Sample session trace

# Change to some directory visible from ALL nodes
vnfe1% cd ~/matt/work

# Copy the example directory
vnfe1% cp -r ~matt/examples/fpi-mpi-intel .

# Change to your local copy of the examples directory
vnfe1% cd fpi-mpi-intel

# Build the application
vnfe1% make

/usr/local/intel/bin/mpif77 -I/usr/local/intel/include -O3 -axK -tpp6  -c fpi.f
fpi.f(20) : (col. 14) remark: MAIN__ has been targeted for automatic cpu dispatch.
/usr/local/intel/bin/mpif77 -O3 -axK -tpp6  -L/usr/local/intel/lib fpi.o -o fpi

echo "Type 'run4' or 'run40' to run with 4 or 40 processors'"
Type 'run4' or 'run40' to run with 4 or 40 processors'

# Run on 4 processors using vnrun
vnfe1% make run4

vnrun -n 4 fpi
Will execute 'ssh vn10 cd /d/vnfe1/home/matt/work/fpi-mpi-intel; time mpirun -np 4 -machinefile mfile -n 4 fpi'
Will use the following machine file
 Process            0  of            4  is alive
 Process            1  of            4  is alive
 Process            2  of            4  is alive
 Process            3  of            4  is alive
  pi is approximately: 3.1415926539002341  Error is: 0.0000000003104410
0.338u 0.360s 0:02.16 31.9%     0+0k 0+0io 3pf+0w