Matthew Choptuik: Other Graduate Theses of Interest

UBC PhD Theses

  1. Quantum backreactions in slow-roll and de Sitter spacetimes,
    Bojan Losic, December 2005 (PDF),
    (Final defense: December 3, 2005, Committee Examiner)
  2. A Tale of Two Dopings,
    Richard Graydon Harris, December 2003 [PDF]
  3. An Analysis of the Lanczos Gamma Approximation,
    Glendon Ralph Pugh, November 2004 [PDF]
  4. Convergence of Lattice Trees to Super-Brownian Motion above the Critical Dimension (draft),
    Mark Holmes, April 2005 [PS | PDF]
  5. The infrared SEDs of starforming galaxies (draft),
    Anna Sajina, July 2005 [PS | PDF]
  6. Pseuodospectral Methods in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics (draft),
    Joseph Lo, July 2008 [PDF]
  7. Hypergeometric functions and Mahler measure,
    Mathew D Rogers, August 2008, [PDF]

UT Austin PhD Theses

  1. Apparent Horizons in Binary Black Hole Spacetimes,
    Deirdre M Shoemaker, December 1999  [PS | PDF]
  2. The Structure of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence (draft),
    Jungyeon Cho, April 2000  [PS | PDF]
  3. Gravitation with a Flat Background Metric,
    Brian Pitts, June 2001 [PS | PDF]

U Alberta PhD Theses

  1. Interaction of Cosmic Strings and Branes with Black Holes (draft),
    Martin Snajdr, July 2003 [PS | PDF]

Cambridge U PhD Theses

  1. Axisymmetric Numerical Relativity,
    Oliver Rinne, September 2005 [PDF]

U Manitoba MSc Theses

  1. Nonlinear Analysis of Complicated Physical Systems,
    Andrew Jason Penner, July 2004 [PDF]

MPI-AEI Diplom Theses

  1. Puncture Evolutions within the Harmonic Framework,
    Philipp Moesta, March 2008, [PDF]

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