Matthew Choptuik: Theses Supervised

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UT Austin PhD Theses

  1. Numerical Techniques for the Initial Value Problem for Two Black Holes,
    Scott Klasky (co-supervised with R. Matzner), December 1994 [PDF]
  2. A Numerical Study of the Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation,
    Reid Guenther (co-supervised with R. Matzner), December 1995 [PDF]
  3. Radiative Problems in Black Hole Spacetimes,
    Robert Marsa, December 1995 [PDF]
  4. Nonlinear Field Dynamics in General Relativity: Black Hole Critical Phenomena and Topological Defects,
    Steven Liebling, May 1998 [PDF]
  5. Numerical Studies of Nonlinear Schrodinger and Klein-Gordon Systems: Techniques and Applications,
    Dae-Il Choi, November 1998 [PDF]
  6. Extremely Relativistic Fluids in Strong-Field General Relativity,
    David Neilsen, August 1999 [PDF]
  7. Scalar Analogues of Compact Astrophysical Systems,
    Scott Hawley, August 2000 [PDF]
  8. Resonant Dynamics Within the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation,
    Ethan Honda, August 2000 [PDF]
  9. A Numerical Treatment of Spin-1/2 Fields Coupled to Gravity,
    Jason Ventrella, December 2002 [PDF]
  10. A Numerical Study of Relativstic Fluid Collapse,
    Scott Noble, August 2003 [PDF]

UBC PhD Theses

  1. Numerical Simulations of Gravitational Collapse,
    Frans Pretorius, August 2002 [PDF]
  2. Relativistic Hydrodynamics and other topics in Numerical relativity,
    Inaki Olabarrieta, September 2004 [PDF]
  3. A Numerical Study of Boson Stars,
    Chi-Wai (Kevin) Lai, December 2004 [PDF]
  4. Maxwell-Klein-Gordon Fields in Black Hole Spacetimes,
    Roman Petryk, November 2005 [PDF]
  5. A Numerical Study of Boson Star Binaries,
    Bruno Mundim, February 2010 [PDF]
  6. Numerical Analysis of General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics,
    Jason Penner, February 2011 (draft) [PDF]
  7. Relativistic Scattering of Solitons in Nonlinear Field Theory,
    Benjamin Gutierrez, May 2013 [PDF]
  8. Gravitational Collapse and Black Hole Formation in a Braneworld,
    Daoyan Wang, April 2015 [PDF]
  9. Critical Collapse of Newtonian Fluids,
    Silvestre Aguilar-Martinez, August 2015 [PDF]
  10. Numerical Studies in Gravitational Collapse,
    Arman Akbarian, December 2015 [PDF]
  11. Topics in Numerical Relativity,
    Gray Reid, September 2023 (draft) [PDF]

UT Austin MA Theses

  1. Massless Scalar Field Collapse in Brans-Dicke Theory ,
    Steven Liebling, May 1995 [PS | PDF]

UBC MSc Theses

  1. Critical Collapse of Collisionless Matter in Spherical Symmetry,
    Inaki Olabarrieta, September 2000 [PS | PDF]
  2. Axisymmetric Boson Stars in the Conformally Flat Approximation,
    Bruno Rousseau, November, 2003 [PS | PDF]
  3. The Spherically Symmetric Collapse of Collisionless Matter,
    Roland Stevenson, August 2005 [PS | PDF], defended in Gravity Seminar, July 22, 2005.
  4. Initial Data for Axially Symmetric Black Holes with Distorted Apparent Horizons,
    Aaryn Tonita, December 2008 [PDF]
  5. Relative Stability in Critical Collapse of Massless Scalar Fields with Angular Momentum,
    Arman Akbarian, November 2010 [PDF]

UBC BSc Honors Theses

  1. Computer Simulation of Pattern Formation in Granular Materials,
    Brock Wilson, April 2000 [PDF]
  2. Critical Collapse of Scalar Field in 3+1 Formalism,
    Palbinder Sandhu, May 2002 [PDF]
  3. Vortex Interactions in Type II Superconductors,
    Brian Martin (co-supervised with I. Affleck), April 2005 [PDF]
  4. Comparison of Landau Damping in Two Computer Models,
    Aaron Froese, April 2005 [PDF]
  5. Numerical Solution of a Two-Component Reaction-Diffusion Equation in Two Spatial Dimensions,
    John Homenuke
    , April 2006 [PDF]
  6. Critical Pheonomena in the Gravitational Collapse of SU(2) Yang-Mills Fields,
    Tyler Dodds
    , April 2007 [PDF]
  7. Critical Collapse of a Massive Scalar Field in Newtonian Gravity,
    Andrew Inwood, April 2009 [PDF]
  8. Critical Collapse of a Nonlinear Schrodinger Field in Newtonian Gravity,
    David Shinkaruk, April 2010 (draft) [PDF] Supported by CIFAR, NSERC, CFI, BCKDF and UBC.