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FORTRAN Interface

The FORTRAN interface consists of three routines, one for each type of parameter. These routines can be called as shown below:

        real*8 array2(5),p
        integer arr1(3),len
        character*16 b, sar(4)
        call get_real_param('myparam','p',0,p,1)
        call get_real_param('myparam','array2',0,array2,5)
        call get_int_param('myparam','array1',1,arr1,3)
        call get_int_param('myparam','len',1,len,1)
        b='my string'
        call get_str_param('myparam','b',1,b,1)
        call get_str_param('myparam','stringar',0,sar,4)

The first argument is the name of the file. The second argument is the name of the parameter. The third argument is a flag which is set to 1 if the parameter has a default value, and 0 if not. The fourth argument is the storage for the paramenter, and the last is the number of elements in the parameter.

Robert Marsa
Fri Jul 14 13:58:46 CDT 1995