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One of the design goals of RNPL is to provide uniform and automatic access to I/O facilities to aid the user in examining the results of computations. As discussed in section 2.3, there is currently one pre-defined attribute: out_gf. If the special parameter fout is set, then every rmod time steps, output is generated for every grid function for which output has been enabled via out_gf. Output is to .hdf files: one file for each selected grid function is created, and each file consists of a sequence of dumps labelled with the actual output time. These files can then be post-processed with a variety of software, including the Explorer module, ReadHDF_GFT0 available via anonymous ftp from in /pub/explorer/modules.

The interface to the lower level .hdf routines is also directly accessible from C or Fortran codes which have not been generated using RNPL and is described in The RNPL User's Guide.

Robert Marsa
Thu Jun 1 09:34:30 CDT 1995