Evgeny Sorkin



Currently, I am a Research Associate  in  the Numerical Relativity Group and in the String theory group in Physics and Astronomy Department  at UBC

Office:   Hennings 408B

Phone:  +1-604-822-3860

E-mail: evg.sorkin(at)gmail.com

Whilst my background is in Numerical Relativity, most recently my research has revolved around critical phenomena in Gravity, aspects of Gauge/Gravity duality, non-equilibrium QFT. Often most interesting questions in these areas are intractable by other than numerical means. That it why I resort on computational methods to address those difficult problems on a computer, and shed light on time-dependent and/or strongly non-linear states of physical systems. My publications can be found here.

I am organizing the Gravity seminars at UBC. Here is the schedule.

Recently: my critical collapse paper has been selected for the 2010-11 Highlights by the journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity.