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On-line bibliography about Boson Stars (BS) (Compiled by Bruno Mundim, May 2005)

The fastest way of diving on BS studies is carefully reproduce the main calculations explicitly done by Kevin (Chi-Wai) Lai in his Phd thesis: If you are wondering about the existence of BS, there is a good review addressing the issues of existence, BS classification and its possible signatures for detection: A little bit more of motivation... and finally the classical review of on gravitational equilibrium configurations of scalar fields-boson stars-in the framework of a Newtonian and of a general relativistic treatment. A must-read! On the moment we are investigating the maximal critical mass for an Einstein-Klein-Gordon-like system with self-interaction potencial. Below it is listed some papers considering several different self-interaction potentials:

Mini-BS: Newtonian BS: Self-interacting BS: BS: Non-topo. soliton star: General BS: Sin-Gordon BS, Cosh-Gordon BS and Liouville BS: Dilatons:

On-line bibliography about Conformally Flat simulations (Compiled by Bruno Mundim, September 2005)

The most recent that I found was the following paper: