Bruno Coutinho Mundim


Physics Department:
Mail Address:The University of British Columbia Department of Physics & Astronomy 6224 Agricultural Road Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z1 Canada Office: Hennings Building #408 Voice: 604 822-2095 Email:
Home Address: SHIGS 703 Bloco I Casa 09, Asa Sul Brasilia DF, 70331 709 Brazil Voice: 55 61 223-5604 Email:

Attending the following courses this term:

     Course: Phys410 (Computational Physics)
     Instructor: Dr. Matthew W. Choptuik

     Course: Math607E (Numerical Methods for Differential Equations)
     Instructor: Dr.Anthony Peirce

     Course: Phys526 (Quantum Electrodynamics)
     Instructor: Dr. Moshe Rozali

Information about neutrino oscillations:

     The Neutrino Oscillation Industry
     The Discovery of Neutrino Oscillations
     Neutrino Oscillations
     Phenomenology of Neutrino Oscillations
     Evidence from Neutrino Oscillations from the LSND Experiment
     Neutrinos and Neutrinos Oscillations

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     Learning Laboratory 
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