On-line bibliography about Dynamical Horizons (Compiled by Bruno Mundim, April 2005)

Maybe the best place to start learning about Dynamical Horizons is the most recent review by Ashtekar and Krishnan at Living Reviews in Relativity: Other references by the same authors that describe in detail how black holes grow in full, nonlinear general relativity and adopt as a starting point the notion of dynamical horizons: I selected below some papers that have already cited these two works from Ashtekar and that could give us an initial idea of where this topic is heading on: The following two papers are especially interesting for the numerical relativist since it seems to be the first time that the dynamical horizon framework along with the trapped surfaces, i.e., both the apparent and event horizons formed during the collapse was applied to a precise measurement of the black-hole mass and spin. At last, some references on Isolated Horizons were listed to support your studies on Dynamical Horizons :)