Spring 2006:

     Course: PHYS 508 - Quantum Field Theory
     Instructor: Gordon Semenoff

Fall 2005:

     Course: CPSC 520 - Numerical Methods for Time-Dependent PDEs
     Instructor: U. M. Ascher Contact: ascherat cs.ubc.ca, 822-4907

Spring 2005:

     Course: Phys555 (Numerical Relativity)
     Instructors: Dr. Bryan Kelleher, Dr. Matthew W. Choptuik

     Course: Math521 (Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations)
     Instructor: Dr. Dominik Schötzau

     Course: CPSC542A (Topics in Numerical Computation: Eigenvalue Problems)
     Instructor: Dr. Chen Greif

Spring 2004:

     Course: Phys530b (General Relativity)
     Instructors: Dr. Kristin Schleich, Dr. Don Witt, Dr. William G. Unruh and Dr. Matthew W. Choptuik

Fall 2003:

     Course: Phys410/555 (Computational Physics)
     Instructor: Dr. Matthew W. Choptuik

     Course: Math607E (Numerical Methods for Differential Equations)
     Instructor: Dr.Anthony Peirce

     Course: Phys526 (Quantum Electrodynamics)
     Instructor: Dr. Moshe Rozali

     Course: Phys407 (Introduction to General Relativity)
     Instructor: Dr. Kristin Schleich

Spring 2003:

     Course: Phys501 (Quantum Mechanics 2)
     Instructor: Dr. Ariel Zhitnitsky 

     Course: Phys503 (Condensed Matter 2)
     Instructor: Dr. Philip Stamp

Fall 2002:

     Course: Phys500 (Quantum Mechanics 1)
     Instructor: Dr. Kristin Schleich

     Course: Phys504 (Relativity and Electromagnetism)
     Instructor: Dr. Markus Van Raamsdonk