This is a set of instructions for ordering paper.

Call Canadian Office Supply

telephone: 604-522-6607

Hello, my name is (insert the name of whoever is calling here), I work for Matt Choptuik, from the physics and astronomy department. I would like to place an order for a crate of printer paper. As you are likely in North America when placing the call, they typically assume you mean letter or 8.5x11. The printer available is setup by default to letter sized paper. Be considerate and order that type. If people need other sizes, unless they rank faculty or higher you are free to ask them to supply their own paper.

They may ask if that is all you want. This is where you have to play it by ear. I do not recommend ordering ink from them, it is cheaper elsewhere. Sometime you may need more office supplies than just the paper. I have never ordered anything more than paper, but I suppose that staples may be necessary at some point.

After the salesperson at Canadian Office Supply confirm they will send the paper, ask them when it will arrive. Typical responses are within the next two days. There is usually very little need to follow up on this. In the event that the paper does not arrive, do not panic. Simply pick up the phone and ask about the order. Your normal instict may be to yell, hold off on that, they are professional try to be the same. I have NEVER had this situation occur.

After the order has been placed, e-mail Bridget Hamilton (hamilton at phas dot ubc dot ca) (the main secretary) and inform her that you have ordered this box of paper. Tell her your name and e-mail address. When it arrives Bridget usually sends an e-mail to you letting you know it has arrived. Be prompt in picking it up. If it is too heavy open the box and take them up to room 408 one reem at a time if you must. There are also carts available if you ask nicely down in the physics department stores talk to Brian. If you leave the box too long you will get several messages from the main office asking you to pick it up. Please do not disrespect the office staff by ignoring them.

Billing is usually done automatically. The bill is sent to the department and you will not see any of the paperwork. Sometimes problems arrise, the physics department staff tell you there is a problem (via e-mail or a phone call). The department staff will specify what they want/need you to do. Be polite, and follow their instructions as soon as possible. The last time I faced this situation the staff gave me the order reference number and called Canadian Office supply again. Candaian Office Supply then e-mailed me the billing information (invoice). You will need to provide them with the correct e-mail address as well as the purchase reference number. When you receive this e-mail from Canadian Office Supplies print it, then send it to the treasury office. (Carry it down and hand it to them). This situation is rare.

Storing the paper for the printer. Keep it in close proximity to the printer. If you do not, then you will have to fill the printer yourself. This is a pain, and everyone cooperates faily well in making sure paper is in the machine. But unless they have run out of paper in the office this is not your problem.

You do not need to keep the box from the paper. Feel free to recycle it. Instructions for recycling are likely somewhere else on the internet.

Maintained by Supported by Matt Choptuik